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Why do I need a website?

The arguments in favor of the web site for you or your company are many, as one of the most important are that the website is financially efficient means by which you can reach more customers and partners, who are looking for exactly your product or service. Your web solution works in your favor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The web site solutions offered by the team of WebFormula have a different focus, depending on what your business practices and needs are. The website is developed so as to adequately reflect you as a company values ​​and company philosophy to recreate off line your practice in the Internet space.

How much it would cost to create a website?

The answer to this question depends on the complexity of the web solution, which you would want to be made, Your requirements and resources that should be invested. We do not offer ready- made solutions which price can be quoted immediately as our company policy relies on the fact that you are successfully presented on line, your website should be unique in terms of web design, look and functionality and reflects your competitive benefits to your customers. To achieve your adequate presentation, our consultants will discuss with you the various issues that will help us to understand in your field of activity, to form a structure together, vision and functionality of Your website and evaluate the amount for its creation. See here the different offered by us service, which we will be delighted to offer.

How long it takes to create?

Our commercial team together with you assesses the website you need, what resources is needed for the design, what is our working schedule at the time of your inquiry. The taken by WebFormula engagement for a certain deadline is an important starting point on which we strictly hold, that’s why a careful assessment is made, based on which we commit to you that we follow in the process.

What is web page?

Web page is a document containing the code and content for viewing in a web browser. The most common is written by HTML. A web site is composed of one or more web pages.

What is HTML?

The abbreviation is derived from the HyperText Markup Language. This is the markup language used to create hypertext documents that are used in the World Wide Web (World Wide Web). HTML resembles much old-fashioned writing code, where a certain paragraph of text gets a shortcut with codes and symbols, that define how it will be shaped text with his appearance in the World Wide Web.

Is there any maintenance needed after the web site is designed?

Depends what you mean to maintain a website. Most often, it is meant the wording of a website content such as pictures and texts. In most of the cases, the customers of WebFormula edit website content via content management system themselves , for which no additional charges apply after web site creation. The only fees that customers owe after the payment of the web site are those to renew the domain name and the hosting subscriptions, which are usually for a period of one year and those fees they are previously specified to the client.

How do I choose web design?

The web design of your website is discussed by the formig of the overall strategy for making the website. It is an important part, on which it depends on your on line presentation and reflection of your identity because we do not have practice to offer ready- made templates. Our team of consultants will compile together with you a structure the various screens of your website. It will specify colors and corporate identity that reflects adequately your image and to make your website more recognizable among your audience. Standard in our proposals is to present the option to create several design concepts developed by various members of our design team, which differ one from another. But they all to reflect your identity. Matter of personal preference which of the proposed web design concepts will appeal the most. The most important is that they will all be unique and will effectively represent your company.

Do you offer shelf type sites?

We create web site solutions for individual projects and do not rely on shelf type products, as they often do not meet the requirements and needs of the client. The ready solutions are not reflecting your company’s personality and identity, that’s why why not recommend them and offer our customers.

What is content management system (CMS)?

The content management system assists in maintaining the current information on your website actual. The administrative panel allows you, as well as to persons who do not have specific technical knowledge, easy and convenient to change the content of a website in question. When we finish the design of your web site, there will be conducted a training on the administrative panel to a listed number of persons who are engaged in the maintenance of the website.

What is domain?

Your domain represents a name .com, .net, org or dot and another extension that people use to reach your website.
When choosing a domain note that the shorter suggestive and easy to remember, the domain is, the better for you. Of course this is just the tip provoked by our experience. If you have already spotted your domain name, you can check whether it is free, by contacting our team!

Do I need a domain name to have a web site?

No, but it is highly recommended. The domain is needed to allow visitors easy and convenient to access your site, also without effort to bookmark it for future visits.

What is web hosting?

The web hosting is a physical server (or multiple servers) that provide the technical resources and the support, necessary for one or several websites. The web hosting represents the renting of space and the technical resources (for example database server, components, etc.) on a web hosting server where different users (individuals / companies) can deploy their websites and to develop their activity. Web hosting takes the care, related to maintenance and ensuring the smooth operation of websites.

Why is the renting of web hosting (space) required when having a domain?

You could deploy the domain for your site to your own server as well instead of renting space on web hosting. Then however you will need to maintain daily own web server, which is actually a complex activity, requiring strong technical expertise and significant investment.It will be necessary to purchase machinery and equipment, which costs a lot to pay for maintenance professionals, not least on a daily basis to deal with all sorts of technical problems and the necessity of finding a solution to the emerging needs.
If you do not want to spend resources on everything that it will cost a lot and it will take away from Your time, you can hire the needed hosting package for a modest monthly sum and put emphasis on Your daily work on your business.

Why should I pay for hosting, when there is a free hosting available?

Naturally, this question appears when you are going to place your own website on the Internet. The short answer it would be that virtually nothing is for free.
With a free hosting plan you can expect the following situations to bring difficulties for your on line venture – insufficient disk space, lack or presence of organic scripts and database support, multiple websites on a single server (that slow it down significantly), lack of creating daily backup of your data. Presence of unwanted banner ads on your pages, poor technical support (if any at all), inability to use your own domain and others.

Do I need to advertise my own website?

If your company or brand are popular and known to the audience, such as Coca-Cola or BMW, then users will find your website without advertising. By the famous brands there are the new products or promotions advertised. If you are looking for more customers, trying to impose your brand, then Internet advertising is a good tool through which you can reach more users and impose faster the products and services you offer. The Internet space offers many various forms of advertising to choose from according to the available budget and goals.

See more for the services connected with Internet advertising, which WebFormula offers, or  contact us for a more information.

How much does the advertising of a web site cost?

On line advertising you can find in many different ways. The banner advertising for example is valued according to the charge of the on line media in which you decide to send your banner message. Which often is charged extra from the design of the banner itself. Wit the paid advertising with Google AdWords for example as self set a budget for which to display your advertising message. Do not know which advertising method is suitable for you?
Contact us  and we will be delighted to consult you and create Your strategy for a successful and well target oriented on line advertising.