Web Design, Web Development, Web Marketing

Corporate identity

Your corporate identity represents the individuality and the character of your company. They should reflect on how you want your clients to perceive you. We can be useful to design a logo, name and a slogan, which your users / customers will like and easily identify you through them. The highest efficiency we can achieve by developing of an entire corporate vision of your company / brand.

Web design

What impresses the users most on your site is it’s vision. In the team of WebFormula there are working web designers with a proven experience and a lots of fresh ideas. By the developing of the design for each and every project, our team invests lots of efforts, diligence and creativity, pays attention to the tiniest details and uses the appropriate color gammas, respected with the auditorium and the site subject.

Web development

We are aware of the importance to have an easy to remember and use site. No matter if you need a representative or a multimedia site, portal or a web store, we can develop an easy- to- manage, flexible and expandable site with the needed features. The sites we develop posses over an intuitive interface and a content management system (CMS), which your employees can start using right away.

Site promotion

The search engine optimization (SEO) is the advertising tool with the biggest return of the investments in Internet. ┬áIt’s aim is to reach the people, searching by using of keywords with a specific focus and to lead them to the right page on your site. This is being achieved by page ranking of your site to a top position in the search. In Bulgaria the search engine with the biggest market share is Google (over 95%), so that the efforts are focused on it.


By subscribing for our support services, you ensure swift reaction, reliable and timely resolution of any problems. The subscription support is also very useful and financially advantageous service in case you decide to upgrade or perform revisions and modifications to your website.


We offer hosting service to our clients, where the aim is easy to position the developed site on the Internet. The service is not limited from space and traffic, but not suitable for websites / portals that require their own particular administration. If we can not host your site with us, we will be delighted to offer a suitable hosting company from which you to buy the service and to install your site there.