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  • In my capacity of Office Assistant at Sekasta Ltd., the WEBFORMULA team worked on the company’s website in 2012 , and its maintenance afterwards.


    During this period of collaboration, the web design studio team took care of everything necessary and responded in a short time to our requests.


    I am extremely pleased with our partnership with WEBFORMULA! Always responsive and quick responders to our needs.


    I strongly recommend them, if you need a reliable and reluctant partner to support, update or create a website!

    Tanya Koyuva Sekasta Ltd.
  • In my capacity as Executive Director of the SHTCTRPD “SAINT PETKA BALGARSKA” LTD – VELINGRAD, with WEBFORMULA team we have been working continuously from the beginning of 2012 until 2017.


    During this period of our collaboration, the web design studio team took care of the maintenance and regular and timely publication of the necessary information on the site of the Hospital.


    Due to the necessity and with their active participation, a professional upgrading of the platform, the structure, as well as the translation of the site into English was carried out.


    WEBFORMULA also helped us with a professional translation and subtitling of important videos for the hospital. Our partnership with them has always been important, and their timely intervention has been very valuable, especially when adherence to prescriptive deadlines for publishing information was necessary.


    In general, acting as Executive Director of the SHTCTRPD “SAINT PETKA BALGARSKA” LTD – VELINGRAD in the above period, I am very pleased with our partnership with WEBFORMULA. If you need a trustworthy and reluctant partner to maintain, update or create an institutional or corporate site, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the WEBFORMULA team!


    Elena Mitkova Shopova PhD SHTCTRPD “Saint Petka Balgarska” LTD – Velingrad